“Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know”.

Malaysia called to me, not once but twice … encouraging me to return when I resisted and only now do I understand why.  This beautiful, soulful country has more lessons to teach me every day.  

Malaysia is a multi-cultural, mixed race, mixed religion, diverse nation.  It houses a humble population that I have only ever felt warmth from.  

To witness the testing times of so many in my local community during Covid-19 has opened my eyes to the reality of hardship.  Families have lost jobs, income, food and support so whilst the big picture can seem daunting, the small message I receive is to help in any way possible.  

For this reason, I have chosen to establish the ‘Bag A Bag’ initiative so you bag yourself a Boho Bag and all profits made are donated back into the people that support me in my endeavours whether they supply the batik, sew the lining into the bags or even simply put a smile on my face as I walk past them on a daily basis.  Children who innocently play with stones on a dirt track, women who unite to clean, cook and put food on the table and husbands that endure long working hours with only their families in mind.  

These families and individuals range from local Malaysia citizens, to Pakistani migrants, Rohingya refugees that fled Myanmar and Filipino domestic helpers.  It is my wish that I can share their story through the story of EIU Boho Bags.

Local Myanmar RefugeesPakistani Migrant Tailor